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General Queries

What is Studenteer?

Studenteer is a brand new learning initiative to help students and graduates develop their professional skills, network with industry professionals, and gain valuable work experience during COVID-19 and beyond.

Who is a Studenteer?

A Studenteer is a student or recent graduate who is looking to develop their own skills and gain valuable work experience, whilst also helping others. 

What is a placement with purpose?

Provided by one of our partner charities or good causes, a placement with purpose is a flexible and remote volunteering project in a specific business skill related to either marketing, finance, admin, IT, design or law. You complete this placement from home and during your spare time.

How are Studenteers matched to placements?

Based on the information you provide when signing up, we may partner you with a Furlonteer or another mentor with experience and proficiency in the skills you hope to advance. Other times you will work independently, with opportunities to network with both industry professionals and other students. You will then support a charity or good cause which needs support in this specialist area, whether that’s design, development, coding or copywriting.

Becoming a Studenteer

Do I have to be over 18 to help?

Unfortunately, due to legal reasons, we can only offer placements to people over 18. 

What is a Furlonteer? Will they be helping me?

A Furlonteer is a furloughed professional already volunteering to support a charity through our sister organisation Furlonteer.

Some students may be partnered with a Furlonteer, to act as a mentor, and provide ongoing support and guidance throughout the project. Other times, our Furlonteers help produce resources and tools to assist you in your volunteering, whether that’s webinars, online learning, or guidelines.

How much time do I have to commit?

As little as 3 hours per week, but it’s up to you how much time you are happy to commit.

Why are placements unpaid?

The charity sector is predicted to lose £4 billion of income due to COVID-19. So, we ask Studenteers to donate their time to help.

In return for your time, you’ll gain invaluable experience, develop new skills and help charities-in-need. We’ll also partner you with an experienced mentor for support and offer free accredited online training with UniHeads.

I’m not a student or recent graduate – can I help out?

If you are an industry professional, with time to spare, you can sign up through our sister organisation Furlonteer.com!

If not, you can help by spreading the word and sharing our project far and wide, so that we can help as many students as we can in developing their skills and gaining valuable work experience.

Registering as a Cause

Is my organisation eligible to register?

Studenteer offers free business support to not-for-profit organisations and charities. Due to legal reasons, we cannot partner Studenteers with profit-seeking businesses unless they can directly pay the student a wage. 

Is Studenteer an entirely free service?

Yes, Studenteer is an entirely free service run by volunteers. We will not ask charities or good causes to pay us or their student volunteers at any point.

Becoming a Mentor

How much time do I have to commit?

Whilst your student is completing their placement, we ask that you check in with them on a weekly basis. However, after they have completed the placement, how much time you commit is completely up to you.

How will I be partnered with a student?

We will partner you with a student who is hoping to learn or develop a skill in which you’re proficient. We’ll also consider criteria such as the industry you work in and your professional experience.

Will you provide any mentoring guidance?

Yes, we provide all mentors with a guidebook which offers advice on mentoring a Studenteer. This includes a conversation checklist for your first zoom call and top tips to help you become a great mentor.

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