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We connect students and recent graduates to good causes and charities-in-need. Studenteers gain experience through placements in a specific business area such as coding, marketing or graphic design. Plus, we’ll provide mentoring and free training to support their learning.

Become a Studenteer and develop your skills from home, from 3+ hours per week.

Studenteer, Furlonteer, what?!


/fur•lon•teer/ noun

A person who is furloughed due to Covid-19 and decides to do something positive, by sharing their skills with a good cause or charity.

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/stu•den•teer/ noun

A student or graduate who decides to do something positive with their free time by sharing their skills with a good cause or charity, while gaining valuable work experience.

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/men•tor/ noun

A wise and trusted counsellor or teacher, who is there to support you while you develop your skills and do good things. This could be a Furlonteer, another student, or a member of the Studenteer Team.

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