What is a Studenteer?

Studenteer connects students and graduates with remote volunteering opportunities. Collaborate on exciting projects to develop skills such as coding, marketing, or graphic design. We’ll provide mentoring or training, and support your learning from home.

Placements with purpose.


/fur•lon•teer/ noun

A person who is furloughed due to Covid-19 and decides to do something positive, by sharing their skills with a good cause or charity.

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/stu•den•teer/ noun

A student or graduate who decides to do something positive with their free time by sharing their skills with a good cause or charity, while gaining valuable work experience.

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/men•tor/ noun

A wise and trusted counsellor or teacher, who is there to support you while you develop your skills and do good things. This could be a Furlonteer, another student, or a member of the Studenteer Team.

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