This week, Studenteer continues to spotlight women’s achievements in celebration of Women’s History Month!

Why do we celebrate Women’s History Month?

To raise awareness of women’s contributions to society and to empower women by documenting their achievements. So let’s find out about the latest achievements of women at Studenteer today!

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Elizabeth, Head of Operations

I first began as a Studenteer where I led a project for an amazing charity that strives to increase diversity and inclusion in trustee boards. Then I began volunteering internally at Studenteer HQ as an Operations Assistant where I was responsible for organising project requests, outreaching to charities, and also had the freedom to work on my own projects. I have recently become the Head of Operations where I supervise the operations pipeline. My biggest achievement is challenging myself by taking on this high-responsibility role where I can feel my work really make a difference in connecting students with inspiring charities. Studenteer has allowed me to network with amazing individuals and mentors who have truly been very supportive of my growth. Overall, Studenteer provides the opportunity to find and work on your passions whilst enhancing varied career-related skills!”

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Dana, Charity Engagement Lead

“As a Charity Engagement Lead my role involves connecting Studenteers with charities. This is an incredibly rewarding role because I get the chance to help fellow students gain new opportunities, skills, connections, and exposure to their areas of interest. I also get to help charities grow their reach and continue their work. My biggest achievement is progressing to a Charity Engagement Lead. When I joined studenteer, I started as a Review Assistant. I was so inspired by this charity and I wanted to play an active role in advancing its mission to help fellow students gain experience. This is the most passionate and dedicated team I have ever been a part of!”

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Amelia, Student Lead

“I first started as a Review Assistant here at Studenteer. After that, I was promoted to Head of Client Relationships. And finally, I am thrilled to now be the Student Lead. Each role taught me a lot about teamwork, which led me to my current position and allowed me to further develop my leadership abilities. Working at studenteer has given me the opportunity to gain a better grasp of team management and how to perform effectively in a leadership role. I feel my biggest achievement whilst being part of the internal team has been having the chance to develop the Client Relationship and Review team, which consisted of deconstructing our review system and collecting data from all our existing charities and Studenteers. It was incredibly gratifying to see all of the positive feedback we received.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Find and work on your passions!
  2. Play an active role in advancing your company’s mission.
  3. Develop your leadership abilities.

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