Hiya! I’m Helena, one of this month’s Studenteer Interns working on the Go Local campaign: aiming to connect Studenteer’s bank of skilled volunteers looking for work experience with local good causes affected by the pandemic to create placements with a purpose.

‘The team wants to help young people specifically to break into the professional world, and enthusiasm is a big plus here.’

I first discovered the internship on the Pretty Little Marketer blog and thought that it sounded like a great opportunity. As a recent graduate, I’m always looking for ways to advance my skills and make the best use of my time- especially during the lockdown. I knew that Studenteer would be a great company to be involved with as it’s run by students, for students: they’ve got my best interests at heart.

I’m currently in my third week of the placement, and I’m having a blast! I’ve spent my time productively, reaching out to over 20 good causes in my area, and getting to chat with them about the work they do and how Studenteer can ease their workload. As someone who loves to research, this is perfect for me. So how could it be perfect for you?

If you’re a student or recent graduate in the UK, Studenteer is an amazing resource that you should be checking out. For me, this Internship is a way to boost my CV and show my interest in helping others. For you, it could be the start of a career in the charity sector or a means of advancing a particular skill: the team love to hear pitches from Interns! Keeping an eye on their online presence will keep you early in the running for Internship applications, and show your keen work ethic.

When it came to my cover letter, I used this opportunity to show off. This is all about you and showing the team why you’ll be an excellent addition to a campaign. In my first paragraph, I used an anecdote explaining my personal connection to good causes and mentioned how I’d come across the Internship. Next, I delved into my professional background, whilst letting the reader know where I was in my life (a recent graduate) and what I was looking for (experience in research and interpersonal contact). This showed the reader that I had read the job description, and genuinely had an interest in what I’d be doing in the Internship. 

In my final paragraph, I talked about myself more personally- that I’d spent lockdown completing online courses, and created my own blog, something I’d always wanted to do. I used my own passions (ie writing) to demonstrate why I’d excel in this placement (I have clear written communication). Regardless of whether you have tons of experience or none, you have hobbies and passions that can be used to show what you will bring, as well as what the skills you gain will lead you to in your career! 

After I sent in my application, Amy scheduled a call with me to discuss the application further. I made an effort, wearing my favourite jumper and styling my hair, which gave me added confidence. We had an amazing chat about what I wanted from the placement and what was expected of me. She was so clear and answered all of my questions which was really useful to understand what I was going into! This is your chance to learn more, so show you’re engaged by preparing at least one question. I’d also recommend preparing your most relevant experience and some of your strengths and weaknesses, so you’re not stuck ‘umm’ and ‘ahh’-ing mid-conversation!

Studenteer is run BY students FOR students, so my best advice would be to read the job description well and talk about why you want to gain or develop the skills that the internship requires. The team wants to help young people specifically to break into the professional world, and enthusiasm is a big plus here.

I’m so glad that I found this placement and took advantage, as I feel so much more confident in my teamwork and community outreach skills thanks to everything I’ve achieved here. So far, I’ve created 9 Studenteer placements, and it feels good to know that I’m spending my time making great contacts as well as helping out good causes in need. I’d recommend this to any students or graduates looking for an exciting new challenge!

By Helena Houghton-Casella for Studenteer

© All Rights Reserved, Studenteer 2021

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