Here at Studenteer, we have collabarated with to raise awareness of period poverty.

Period Talk is a platform created to normalise period talk. @theperiodtalks

What Period poverty is:

Period poverty is the lack of access to sanitary products, menstrual hygiene education, toilets, handwashing facilities, and waste management. These detrimental impacts, along with many others, referred to as ‘period poverty’, are a form of poverty that impacts millions of people across the world. Action Aid, a UK-based charity, recorded that 1 in 10 girls in Africa miss school because they don’t have access to sanitary products or a safe and hygienic toilet. But this problem is far closer to home than some may think; Bodyform found that over 350,000 girls in the UK will admit to having missed school on at least one occasion because of their period. Charities and organisations such as, The Red Box Project and Bloody Good Period are working tirelessly to better equip UK schools and universities, so that no future student will forgo their education because of periods.


What we’re about:

Our platform is dedicated to raising awareness of period poverty and normalising period talk. We share the work we and others have done, are doing, and wish to achieve, in the hope that more will join the fight against this global issue. We always aim to collaborate with charities to show off the amazing work they are doing to make necessary changes in our world. Since our mantra is “normalising period talk”, we discuss the ‘taboo’ topics and have created a safe space for people to come to for help or even just a sense of community. We strongly believe that changing the conversation around periods is a crucial step towards creating better period experiences for all.

Why we have chosen to start up:

We are recent graduates of Law (UoB) and Philosophy (MMU), and have both probably, unknowingly, suffered some strain of period poverty. However, we know that there are millions of others suffering from much worse. Having been aware of period poverty for many years, we were eager to use our time, after graduating, to research and understand it further. We are now acting upon our pledge to make a change by joining the movement and raising awareness. Periods are a unifying topic for all who menstruate and we wanted to push the conversation further. The pandemic has given everyone time to speak up about what they believe in. We urge any students/grads to use this time to help make a change, for our future.

If you have any questions about periods / period poverty / activism / or setting up a blog, get in touch (we’re not professionals but we are always happy to help).

Links to charities and movements:

Here is a list of charities and movements helping in the fight to end period poverty. We encourage you to understand more about them by visiting their websites, donating to their causes, and joining their movements to end period poverty.

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