It comes as no surprise that this past year has been incredibly hard for students. With classes being moved online and summer internships being cancelled, many students are struggling to find opportunities to gain internships and experience for their CVs. On top of the financial and mental health consequences, the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns have left students anxious about their future.

However, there may be a silver lining in all of this chaos and disruption; the embracing of the digital industry. While businesses of all sectors have been adapting to the digital world for years now, the current pandemic has forced them to fast track this process.

Workspaces have moved from the office to the kitchen table and regular meetings have been moved to Zoom. Businesses and teams are adapting to new technologies and adjusting to this digital change. But who better equipped for this change than digitally native students that have grown up surrounded by the technology many businesses are struggling to adapt to?

Many students today have only known a life filled with new technologies and social media. Try giving most young people a new device and they’ll happily find out how to work it in no time. There is an inherent advantage students have when it comes to the digital industry – we are an entirely digital generation.

The very adults that once teased us for our social media and tech usage are now looking to us for our insights and understandings of such technologies. What if I told you that your knowledge of social media platforms or interest in technology, that you take for granted, could land you a job?

Marketers are finally understanding that traditional methods of marketing simply aren’t working on Gen Z consumers and are beginning to embrace social media and meme marketing, often with young teams leading content creation. Students not only know what marketing techniques work with their generation, they also have a deep understanding of how these can be optimised through digital channels such as social media and email.

With less and less traditional in-person internship and experience opportunities for students, it’s a breath of fresh air to see businesses and charities embrace the digital industry, presenting students with previously unimaginable opportunities. Students in the U.K. are able to intern and gain experience remotely with businesses and teams located all around the world.

Traditional barriers relating to class, geography and the like are being diminished by the digital industry and invaluable opportunities to gain experience are becoming more and more accessible to students. You don’t need to have savvy connections or live in a thriving metropolis to secure a good job or intern experience anymore. All you need is a laptop and the motivation to find the opportunities that are waiting for you.

The only problem? So many students don’t realise the number of opportunities the digital industry offers them. Nobody tells us where to find these opportunities online, or how to get in contact with places to see if they are willing to give us experience.

However, as more and more businesses embrace the digital industry, we should begin to see far more awareness in regards to the virtual opportunities available to students and young people. 

In the meantime? Get out and start searching. The digital industry has created opportunities for everyone, you just have to find it!

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By Innes McArthur for Studenteer

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