Review Studenteer’s key growth stats and the most popular blog topics of the year 2021!

Let’s take a look back at 2021 and review what we’ve accomplished. In 2021, we completed all our projects remotely using the internet and technology to connect us with other people. It was another challenging year in which the world didn’t fully recover from the impact of Covid-19. However, it has also been a year of great transitions, not only for Studenteer, but for our incredible community of students and charities who partnered with us. And by continuing to operate online, we’ve been able to match a larger pool of students from different universities to more charities for remote, volunteer projects. Here are the key statistics that show how we’ve grown together.

See what was trending on our blog in 2021!

  1. Student Tips

Throughout the pandemic, we’ve seen that university lectures and regular meetings continued to be online, and the difficulties of getting a graduate job or a summer internship have left many students worrying about their future. Last year, students have asked ‘How do you land an internship?’ or ‘Why do we volunteer?’. And after interviewing multiple guests on our blog, some said that by volunteering “you can help someone”. For many students and recent graduates, volunteering has also built up their confidence, helped them advance a particular skill, and even get a placement during the pandemic!

2. Mental Health Awareness

Another key theme from 2021 was about raising mental health awareness, and not only during lockdown, but in our everyday life. Because anyone can struggle with stress, anxiety, and depression, especially as an increasing number of people are working from home and gradually becoming isolated from society. So, we’ve tried our best to raise awareness and keep conversations open about mental health. Check out our top tips to maintain good mental health and wellbeing and learn about the role that creativity can play in supporting our mental health.

3. Environmental Sustainability

This past year was also one of our planet’s warmest years, which directed our attention towards the climate emergency and wildlife conservation. Global temperature continued to rise in 2021 due to the severe consequences of human activity, which has caused catastrophic weather disasters around the world. And as a result, we’ve shared a few ways to live more sustainably, which include cycling and using public transport, reducing the amount of plastic used in our daily life, and developing green skills. Furthermore, we’ve also seen veganism becoming more popular during the coronavirus pandemic as restaurants around the world have continued to introduce more plant-based options.

That’s a wrap for our 2021 year in review. We’ve highlighted some of the key trends from last year, but there are many more unique and inspiring topics to read about on our blog. Some of these include The Gift of Being Dyslexic, Graduates’ Perspectives on Women in Leadership, Celebrating BAME Women Throughout History, and Young People in Politics.

Key Takeaways:

This past year has been extremely difficult for most people and many of the challenges that we’ve faced in 2021 have moved forward with us into the new year. Despite this, together with our growing community of volunteers, we’ve managed to solve 741 projects for 490 good causes. And no matter how small our impact may seem; we can still make a difference in the world.

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