The Adventure Boutique foundation

Please could you introduce yourself to us and tell us how you came to hear about Studenteer?

I’m Chelsea! I live and work in London for the travel company that started the foundation and have since become a trustee at The Adventure Boutique Foundation. I travel when I can and try to give back to the communities where I can. We heard about Studenteer through using Furlonteer. 

Could you tell us a little more about your charity?

The Adventure Boutique Foundation supports communities around the world to improve their livelihoods. We focus our efforts on hospital aid and disaster relief. 

Which role/s were you able to find support with, through Studenteer and how has this helped you?

We needed help to reach out to more people, to get our name out there and make more people aware of what we do. And then to find fun and creative ways to raise funds by approaching our new network. Ultimately, we needed social media and marketing expertise. 

This will help us to expand our network and in turn be able to host more events in the future to raise funds to support our causes. 

How has working with a Studenteer helped your charity?

Having someone with a new and fresh outlook on what we are doing is great. Our Studenteer is using her skills in social media and and marketing as she has a wider knowledge of this than me. 

Also the new ideas are very welcome to help gain funds and support. 

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