Find out how Ines became Head of Operations at Studenteer and helped the team find its way to success!

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What made you want to volunteer?

I have been volunteering for several projects since the age of 12, however when I came across Studenteer, I knew immediately that it was something special that I wanted to be a part of. For the first time, I was able to volunteer my time, while gaining skills that are not only transferable to the workplace, but also valuable to employers.

What role did you fulfil at Studenteer?

I had several roles during my time at Studenteer! I started as an intern, doing a Digital Industry campaign; then I became a Projects & Matching Assistant; after that I was Head of Projects & Matching; and finally, I became Head of Operations.

Each role was totally different, but they all led me to the place I wanted to be, doing something I love, which is to manage the entire operations pipeline, mentoring the team members and contributing with my ideas to help the team find its way to success. At the end, being Head of Operations was the most fulfilling role I had, exactly because I am taking so much away with me – I improved my organizational skills through updating and creating new workflows for the team; improved my communication skills through communicating with the team, with our charities and students; trained new team members; participated in team and management meetings; created several projects and ensured their implementation; and above all, had so much fun meeting new people and making new friendships!

What did you learn and achieve from volunteering?

My biggest achievement was without a doubt, rebuilding our entire team from scratch – we changed Studenteer’s internal structure from the ground up, and we are starting 2022 afresh! That is all to ensure our success is even bigger this year, and that we are able to reach even more students, charities and universities!

The biggest lesson for me is that teamwork is everything – if as a team, we share the same core values, goals, and ambitions, we can achieve anything! We have a very friendly work environment, where everyone is a key member of the team, every voice matters and everyone is welcome, from day 1! That is a truly rare thing to experience, and that’s what makes Studenteer a unique place to work at!

Is there anything you would’ve done differently?

Knowing what I know now, yes I would have changed quite a few things along the way. But isn’t that the beauty of working on something for almost one year?

You just learn so much, you gain so much experience, that looking back you start wondering why didn’t I think about something sooner, why didn’t that idea pop into my head before? But the biggest takeaway for me, is to not dwell too much into trying to fix the past and think about the future, by passing all that experience, all that knowledge I now have, to others. The only thing that makes sense to me, is to leave all that information in some shape or form behind, so that our team taking Studenteer forward, can have access to all that and 1. do not commit the same mistakes I did along the way and 2. do an even better job!

Would you recommend Studenteer to other students or graduates?

ABSOLUTELY YES! Volunteering at Studenteer provides you with a unique opportunity to experiment around, to get out of your shell, to help so many communities, to work without pressures or expectations, to simply improve your skills and yourself every single day in a safe environment. On top of that, you will have the most supportive team helping you every step of the way, people that really care about each other and will be there to ensure your success – both within Studenteer and in your studies and career!

Key Takeaways:

Volunteering at Studenteer provides you with a unique opportunity to…

  1. Experiment around
  2. Work without pressures or expectations
  3. Improve yourself
  4. Get out of your shell

But don’t forget:

5. Teamwork is everything!

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