In this week’s blog, our former Partnerships Assistant at Studenteer, Liyana, tells us about the most exciting parts of her role at Studenteer.

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What made you want to volunteer?

When I decided to do my master’s at Goldsmiths, I remember talking to students from similar backgrounds and someone in my circle brought up Studenteer. Being the curious self that I am, I decided to look the team up and became fascinated by the work they do – for students and run by students. I immediately fell in love with their concept and followed their work from early 2021.

I enjoyed building on sustainable relationships and collaborative learning, and when Studenteer put out an open call for a Partnerships Assistant, I knew I had to apply. It combined passion for aiding organizations with partnerships at the same time with my excitement to join the team that I looked up to.

What kind of volunteering work did you do at Studenteer?

Being the Partnerships Assistant, I looked out for organizations and teams that would be interested in collaboration, as well as aligned with the PR objectives of Studenteer. Additionally, I also brainstormed ideas and worked with other volunteers in the PR team to understand how Studenteer could collaborate with universities across the UK. 

Which of these activities did you enjoy the most?

The most exciting part of the role was talking to potential collaborations and bringing these ideas back to Studenteer. Talking to new people and expanding my notion of different industries has always been enjoyable. And with being the partnerships face for Studenteer, I was happy to grow in the role.

Is there any specific accomplishment you are most proud of?

The greatest accomplishment I would take pride in is the chance to interact with a diverse expanse of volunteers under the umbrella of Studenteer. Working across time zones and in midst of our programmes, it was heart-warming to see how many offered to be helpful even beyond our daily volunteer schedules.

Would you recommend Studenteer to other students or graduates?

Definitely! My time with the team helped me understand how important continuous collaboration with different people will lead to fruitful results. My role additionally taught me how to keep strong client relationships, which would help me when I pose myself as a potential employee in the job market. 

Therefore, I would highly recommend the team to any current student to sharpen their skillset and gain invaluable experience during their studies. Volunteering at Studenteer puts you one step ahead than those around you, especially when it comes to team management and confidence building.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Follow your passion and bring your ideas to life
  2. Interact with a diverse expanse of volunteers under the umbrella of Studenteer
  3. Sharpen your skillset and gain new experience during your studies
  4. It’s your call

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