Do you want to learn about the benefits of volunteering at Studenteer? Find out how Innes, former Studenteer and current master’s student, benefited from volunteering at Studenteer. He tells us about how his time at Studenteer has prepared him for his future career in digital marketing.

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What kind of volunteering work did you do at Studenteer?

I began as an intern working on a campaign, then joined the Marcomms team as a Social Media Assistant before finally taking on the role of Head of Marketing & Communications. As Head of Marcomms I oversaw all of Studenteer’s social media and PR operations and led campaigns to promote across our channels.

Which of these activities did you enjoy the most?

I loved working with the Studenteer team with our campaigns, creating content and working with fantastic partnerships. It was fantastic to work with such passionate and creative individuals in creating engaging content for our followers. 

What new skills did you learn from volunteering?

Studenteer has taught me so many valuable skills, perhaps most of all was boosting my confidence in public speaking. Whether it was to the Marcomms and Studenteer team or to our external partners, my role and time with Studenteer allowed me to become more comfortable in conversing with larger groups of people.

Is there any specific accomplishment you are most proud of?

I was incredibly proud of being part of a fantastic team at Studenteer and working with the Marcomms team in creating and producing incredibly successful campaigns that help students across a range of topics.

How has volunteering prepared you for your future career?

Studenteer has prepared me for future careers through the various skills and experience it has offered me. From marketing related experience, to having experience working with and leading a diverse team, my time at Studenteer has benefited me greatly when applying to jobs and standing out as a candidate.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Develop your skillset and gain confidence in your own abilities
  2. Create work that helps others
  3. Make new friends
  4. Stand out in your job applications

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